Eating with the Seasons.

Living in this day and age we have access to pretty much whatever we want, when we want it. This is especially true with food. With the modern day advances of preservatives, farming and GMO we have the ability to extend the shelf life of food and consume strawberries in the middle of February in Upstate New York. But should we? Eating food in season allows us to eat locally and usually a bit cheaper. Consuming seasonal food also decreases the time from harvest to table, keeping the nutrients at their max. The more time your food sits on the shelf the less nutrient rich it becomes.

Eating seasonal food fuels our souls. Our bodies crave fresh, bright fruits during the summer heat and need sustainable, hearty root veggies in the fall. The Earth has designed the seasons, produce and harvest to give us what we need. Why mess with it? Starting your own small garden is a great way to start eating seasonally. With a little care and knowledge you can easily transition your family to this.

Check out these resources below to start a garden or find seasonal foods near you.

Published by Michelle

A nurse, yogi and health enthusiast. I feel passionately about helping people live the lives they have always dreamed of.

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