I want to help you create and sustain the life you have always dreamed of. Everyone faces unique challenges and obstacles. If it’s motivation, disorganization, stress or feeling overwhelmed as to where to start, I can help. I offer health & wellness coaching as well as professional organization services, click on the links below to learn more. Everyone deserves to opportunity to live their best life.

What People Say

Michelle came over several times to help us organize various areas of our house/yard. She even helped clean up my office! Something about having her help get things in order helped us make lasting change to keep things more organized. She knew where things belong to be accessible but out of the way. As disorder in our house was a major marital stressor, she also ended up providing some unexpected marital counseling as well! Our shared environment is much more welcoming and less stressful now, even a year later. -JS

I am thankful to Michelle for helping me to establish and meet my health goals. -AW

Michelle helped me create wellness weekly wellness plans. I wanted to learn how to cook easy, healthy meals. Michelle helped me create weekly menus of delicious, nutritious foods. -EC

Let’s build something together.

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