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Who Am I?

Michelle L

Registered Nurse with a decade of experience in health care & wellness.

I am a nurse, yogi and health enthusiast.

I have spent most of my life comparing myself to others, as most of us do. I saw the rise of social media and it only became worse. I then discovered an even better person to compare myself to, myself. Something needed to give. I was an active person and knew the importance of physical health but something was missing. It was when I started exploring the spiritual and emotional side of my life when things started to click. I implemented new practices of wellness & mindfulness into my life which shifted my thinking and perspective, this made me happier. I want to share this with others.

I will offer topics of wellness, advice on how to create positive living spaces and tactics to create the healthy lifestyle you have always dreamed of having.

I want to create a space for us all to share stories of personal growth, experience and well being. I will feature guest contributors as well as interviews with health, wellness and spiritual experts.

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